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Setting up CallRail – A Practical Guide

    • This guide will walk you through the CallRail tool. Read on to find out what it can offer you and how to implement it right now.


      CallRail allows you to collect data and analytics from phone leads.

      This supports data-driven marketing allowing us to optimise the performance of clients advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness, and improve customer retention. It lets us see a host of valuable information:

      • What pages users are actioning a call from
      • How long they spend on your website before calling
      • Even recording keywords that are mentioned during conversation

      This guide has been broken down into three main sections:

      1. Why CallRail is valuable and what you can gain insight into
      2. The process of setting the service up
      3. Real Examples of Data Collected
    • 1. Why CallRail is a valuable tool

    • Lots of Data

      Accurate data and conversion metrics are almost always near the top of any marketer’s priority list. It’s what allows us to see what’s profitable, and what’s failing. CallRail allows us to have a more complete picture of how a company is generating leads.

    • What can I expect?

      With CallRail you can expect more accurate data, more leads, more conversions and a deeper insight into your audience.

    • Integrations

      One of the best features of CallRail is how it integrates with most leading analytics apps.
      It can integrate with:

    • Google Analytics – CallRail will automatically have phone calls fire as events, so all you have to do is set up a goal with the category “Phone” and you can start logging phone calls as trackable goals. It’s that easy!

    • HubSpot – You can view phone calls within Hubspot and have automatic records created for each phone lead. Furthermore you can create a more targetted campaign as CallRail allows you to see what page a customer was viewing when they called you and send a customised email with the content that they were interested in.

    • Google Ads – You can easily track phone calls as conversions in AdWords and see which keywords are the most profitable. This means you can drop the poor performers and focus on those driving a return.

    • Plenty of others – Slack, Zapier, Instagram and Facebook all integrate. Here is the full list of possible integrations.

    • 2. Setting Up

      Now that you understand how CallRail works with other apps and the possibilities it opens for your business, you will be wanting to know the process of setting it up for your business.

      So here is our walkthrough and outline of how to setup CallRail and how to avoid potential issues that may arise during the setup process.

      Step-by-step guide

      1. Once you have logged into CallRail, the first thing you want to do is select ‘Create Number’ as of 06-09-2018 this is at the top of the page, however should the website design move it should be accessible from inside the ‘numbers’ page found in the menu
      2. Select ‘I’ll use online’
      3. Select ‘on my website’
      4. Select ‘track visitor activity’
      5. Choose the name of the number pool
      6. Select the pool size, this is how many new tracking numbers you want. If you are unsure how many to add a good general rule is to have at least 4 and a quarter of the peak hourly traffic as reported in Google Analytics.
      7. Under ‘Forward Calls To’ enter the number that the company receives client calls from, this will typically be the primary business phone number.
        • Important: Try and avoid using ‘1300’ numbers as they seem to be a challenge for CallRail to process
        • Also: If you don’t see an area code (+61 for Aus) in front of the number, then go back and update your businesses location, by default it is expecting an American number.
      8. Select ‘All Visitors’
      9. Select Numbers local to the area
      10. Decide whether you wish to implement any of these two options
      11. Navigate Out of this menu and into settings (cog icon). Make sure you’re viewing all integration’s and scroll down and find the wordpress plugin

      12. Download the plugin (.zip file) and copy the WordPress plugin key somewhere for later.
      13. Log into your WordPress site and select Plugins, then click Add New.
      14. Click Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded in your CallRail account (from step 9). Then click Install Now.
      15. Once your plugin is successfully installed, select Settings in the left menu, then click CallRail.
      16. Add the WordPress plugin key from CallRail to the plugin settings in WordPress.
      17. Click Save Changes to activate your plugin.
      18. Navigate back to Settings and select Google analytics. Enter the URL and click Create.
      19. Navigate back to Settings and select Google AdWords. Click Authorise and choose the email that is linked to the sites AdWords campaign.
      20. Choose the correct company from the list and then click Activate.
      21. Activate Google Analytics connection in CallRail account.
      22. Set up Goal in Analytics using the Event provided by CallRail.
      23. Setup another goal in analytics using the Event provided by CallRail
      24. Set the Label to Regular expression and give it the value .*Call-01
      25. DONE!
    • 3. Some Examples of Data

      Where is your traffic coming from?

      What page are users calling from?

      What page are users arriving on?

      How long do users browse your site before calling?

    • Wrapping it up

      To summarise, CallRail is an extremely powerful tool that can take your data mining to the next level.

      When integrated with Google Analytics, it gives you a robust and complete view of your lead generation and traffic. If your business converts sales over the phone, CallRail is a must have. Its easy to setup and use and the insight you collect has the potential to transform the way your company carry out sales as well as how you manage your online presence. Here at Matter Solutions we are big proponents of CallRail. If you are interested in CallRail or digital marketing in general and want a dedicated team of experts to ensure you thrive online come and contact us today! Below you will find some useful graphics that CallRail automatically generates. If you are interested in discovering more about their service pop over to the CallRail website and have a look!

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