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    We are specialists in Search Marketing. The websites we look after earn clicks and clients from Google around-the-clock. At the heart of everything we do is data from Search. Lessons learned from SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns make these websites awesome.

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    • Matter Solutions is a Search Marketing Agency in Brisbane. We’ve been managing SEO campaigns for clients all over the world since 2009 but originally started in London in April 2000We’re a team of professionals who love to create value for clients from the web.

    • Success Stories about Our Work

      Some of the key projects we’ve delivered to clients recently include:

      1. SEO
        Improving the Search Rankings of a major Franchise business so all eleven (11) of their stores benefit from increase national and local exposure.
      2. SEO Adwords
        Weaned a major retailer off Google AdWords. We helped a client reduce their ad-spend on Google by $10k per month and helped that client increase their search rankings at the same time.
      3. SEO WEB
        Helped a major non-profit in Queensland launch a major new website to minimise ranking disruption and simplify their extremely complicated Google Analytics
      4. SEO WEB Adwords
        Took a client’s Customer Onboarding process and created forms behind the scenes in their website saving huge amounts of admin time and inconvenience for new customers.
      5. SEO
        Saw rankings for a long term client in a very competitive space push through onto page one for a very wide range of terms. We were so pleased to see how excited the client got as the leads began to accelerate from keywords we were confident would be valuable.
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