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Need help with your new Website? Need a WordPress Website Design? We’ve been using WordPress as our Content Management System of choice since 2008 to build basic and advanced websites for businesses, government and even a police force. If you’re looking for expertise with WordPress websites in Brisbane QLD and have a passion for making that sure the result is super-effective talk to us (use the form below).


    • Our WordPress Website Design Process

      At Matter Solutions, we make it our mission to deliver results that produces measurable returns online. Creating great website designs is our passion, we love to see our clients happy. When we create something new it’s more than just code and design – it’s about bringing to life an idea.

    • Website Kick Off – Planning

      Having been a Brisbane Web Designer since he emigrated to Australia in 2006 Ben will be the one you meet with to plan the new WordPress website for your business.

      Ben isn’t actually a hands-on designer, but he has worked with designers since the 2000 when Matter Solutions first began (in London) and since using WordPress from 2008 has trained and worked with some of the most respected people in the local WordPress community. These people are now doing some of the best work web design in Brisbane has to offer, i.e. now working in government and big ad-agencies.

      The Kick-Off meeting centres on your content, what you want to say and need to say (usually based on Search Marketing research Ben does before the meeting) and we help you through a detailed web design briefing process.

    • Ben Maden - Lead Web Consultant

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    • Website Development

      The sites that we make are focused around a number of main factors. They need to be conversion-focused, easy to update, easy for your visitors to use, have a responsive design (great for mobile), easily trackable using analytics and designed specifically for users.

      We take the information gathered in the “Kick Off” and build you a private website only you and we can access. We work on that to add content (and provide you with training) and help layout pages for you.

      Creating websites is an art, and something we are very well skilled in. Our team has been developing their skills in WordPress for many years now to great success.

    • Website Design

      It’s important to create for the users, as an agency we need to work out exactly what your potential customers want.

      As a Search Marketing Agency we have to look at the keywords for your site and your services and make sure we build around the words your audience use to help them find what they are looking for when they search. We even use advanced tech-tools to understand what humans are looking for in websites that are already successful in Google.

      Our designers are exceptionally focused on User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX). This means that when we use Search data, these UX skills and exceptional graphic design ability we are able to create truly stunning websites that are, most importantly, are super effective for your (potential) customers.

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    • Deployment – Going Live

      When a website has been designed, built, content-entered, content laid out to be effective and proof-read over and over we confirm that you, the client, is ready to go live.

      We work with your hosting company, or set you up on our high performance and super-security WordPress hosting to make your website live quickly and efficiently.

      Being passionate about exceptional design doesn’t mean we’re not highly technical too. We work on every little detail of the website go live, even preparing the go live to ensure not one email goes awry during DNS changes and every single enquiry or lead is captured.

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      Our Mission

      Our team in Brisbane can help you every step of the way on your journey of creating your dream. We’ve created lots of websites in Brisbane over the years here at Matter Solutions and every one of them has been special to be a part of. These initial kick-off sessions usually go for 1.5-2.5 hours, we learn about your business and everything you stand for. Our process includes: The sign off, initial planning, data gathering, design process, content entry, review & delivery and finally the go-live.

    • Why WordPress?

      WordPress websites have become increasingly popular in recent times. There is a reason it is the most used Content Management System in the world.

      Most website designers in Brisbane these days use it as their main content management system because of its flexibility and ease of use by normal business people. There are constantly plugins that are being developed and updated to make almost anything possible. Some of the smartest minds in website development have been working to create this truly powerful platform.

    • Professional Website Design Team

      At Matter we pride ourselves on being experts at website development, we have some incredibly talented people on our web team. Our team has worked with WordPress for over 10 years. We’ve developed our own base in called Matter Kit which allows us to create stunning projects at low budgets. Our development team have worked on some truly beautiful websites that our clients have loved. When we build it we look at all aspects, it has to be functional, it has to be quick, it has to be SEO optimised and it has to be perfect for the users visiting.

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      Why Matter?

      Our team takes pride in its work and we bring passion to the table. We would love to show you what we can do for your website and your business. If you are interested and looking for a team who are easy to work with then get in touch today. At Matter we do things a little different, we’ll get all the information about your new site and exactly what you want out of it. But often we’ll give you recommendations and lead you in a different direction, we build for the end user and that can sometimes be misaligned with the clients thinking of how they use the site. We base our decisions off data and don’t do any guesswork, it’s why our projects are so successful.

    • We are located in Brisbane Australia and we have clients all over Australia

      Our office is located in the CBD and most of our teamwork from home in and around South East Queensland. Most of our clients are in the SE Queensland region but we also service clients all over Australia and have built websites for the Police Service in Samoa and even years ago an advanced customisation of WordPress for a huge probation service in the UK. If you are interested then we offer a free initial consultation to run through your goals and work out an action plan for you and your business. We mainly service clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & New Zealand.

    • Contact Us

      Drop us a line using this form below even if we can’t help you our extensive experience will mean we can point you in the right direction. If we’re a good fit after the first call we’ll want to have a meeting with you, online or face-to-face, to discuss your needs and make a plan for you to take-away, consider and sign-off. Right now, we should start have a conversation. Complete the form and the right expert will call you back within a day, likely today.


      BTW – If you’re a fellow Web Designer Brisbane. You may want to join the BWD group that Ben founded when he arrived in Australia. It hasn’t been meeting since 2015 but 2020 is the year we get it back on the map and meet monthly again just like we did from 2006 to November 2014. Google for Brisbane Web Design Meetup or visit the BWD group on Meetup.com

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