About Us

Search and the web is our heritage, it is at the heart of everything we do. Search touches so many parts of user behaviour on desktops, tablets and mobiles. That’s why our input is invaluable when planning how to position your business online.

    • Why We’re Different

      You may not know or you may have your suspicions but you’re certain that you’re tired of the same old story from other Web Developers, SEO experts and AdWords Gurus. Here are just some of the reasons why we are seriously different…

      We have been helping our clients achieve success for a long time. In April 2000, Ben Maden (Managing Director) set out with the mission of getting the most out of the web for businesses. Nearly 20 years later, that mission has not changed:-

      1. We Are Honest & Transparent.
        We’ve been asked to work with terrible websites far too often. “Get me to page one” they say. From our experience, we know why it won’t fly and we’ll tell you. We have had competitors who come and tell you what you want to hear and take your money… they have not lasted. A pillar to our longevity in the industry is our capacity to do the right thing by our clients and continuing to tell the truth. Some people hate the news we give them responding with anger and frustration. But those who love us for this honesty have always seen their return on investment.
      2. We Use Plain English.
        We’re good at distilling complex digital marketing concepts into easy to understand diagrams and explanations. Crystal clear communications help you understand what we’re doing for you and ensure you understand what we are doing to deliver on our agreed goals.
      3. We Are Considerate.
        We know you’re hiring experts because you’re running your business. We know how to strike a good balance between minimising the impact on you and getting what we need to be effective. To put this trait in a nutshell, we know how to help you get the most from the money you spend on our time, effort and advice.
      4. We Provide Evidence.
        Facts and figures from measurable quantitative and qualitative data makes our work better. The best decisions are made with evidence not conjecture and when making decisions in uncertainty, pushing forward with a mind on gathering data/evidence makes all future decisions better.
      5. “Just get it done” is not enough.
        Just getting it done isn’t enough because being thorough and thinking about the future makes all the difference in the long term. This means our definition of done is just a little bit better. One example… build a website, done. Not quite. Every website we’ve ever built has data tracking. Even that isn’t done. We always install goal tracking too, without that, the “success” factor of the website is completely unknown. What sort of digital expert would want the KPI of their work to be unknown? 🙁
      6. We Have Love & Passion.
        We love the web and get hugely excited about what it can do for your business. Just ask Ben about the first signs of User Experience (UX) driven SEO that we saw in 2013 and 2014, years before Google’s RankBrain, and you’ll unleash a passionate story! (We’ll put on the kettle).
    • Our Team

      We pride ourselves on being able to understand and liaise with business owners, consultants and advisers to harness your business strategy online.

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