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Beautifully designed and functional WordPress websites for businesses of all sizes. Crafted using SEO best practices from our in-house SEO team and digital strategy advice to get the most out of your website.

    • Our mission is to deliver what matters to our clients, we help you identify and earn strong, measurable returns online and we take pride in helping our client’s staff grow their capabilities with their new website so they can complement the work we do. Being experts at WordPress web design Brisbane allows us to educate and communicate with clear metrics are designed to give you the confidence to invest in a website to build a sustainable advantage over your competition.

    • The best marketing investment I’ve ever made

      The website has made a dramatic difference to our business. The short term transactional business has generated more than enough sales in 8 weeks to justify the cost of the website. Enquiries about longer term projects have come through at an equally impressive rate, and as those turn into orders, the return-on-investment from this project will make it the best marketing investment I’ve ever made.

    • At Matter Solutions, we do things differently. Every website we build is…


    • SEO & Conversion focused

      Matter Solutions provide a conversion focus that is rare among web design firms. We create user-friendly-forms that suit the “call to action” messages on the page to maximise enquiry submissions. Going live with your website is something we dedicate effort to. Our SEO team get heavily involved to ensure a smooth transition and appearance in front of Google.

    • Easy to update

      Your new website will be built using WordPress, a world-class Content Management System (CMS). Although originally created to present blog-type websites, it has evolved to provide an excellent platform for almost any type of website and to upload content and edit at any time. You will also receive training on how to manage your site.

    • Easy for your visitors to use

      Your new site will be simple and easy to navigate around. The structure and layout will enable people to quickly find the information they need. There will be a clear main menu leading to all the planned main pages. The menu will also be able to show “drop downs” linking to sub-pages in each section of the website if necessary.

    • Responsive Design

      When building your website we use what is called a “PEGD” design approach to handle mobile and tablet devices. This means it will automatically re-arrange its elements for optimum readability and navigation.

    • Has Google Analytics

      The fantastic analytics package provided by Google will be installed in your website. This will also be customised to track conversions and will give you fantastic insights into your websites traffic and marketing effectiveness.

    • Plus Much More…

      We are one of the companies people in the WordPress community in Australia go to when they need to really customise WordPress.

    • Standard Business WordPress Website

      From $3k - $5k AUD

      This encompasses basic and standard business websites. We include SEO research and a general digital strategy for your website to make sure it performs in the way you need it to. We are experts at creating beautifully designed and functional websites that have smart SEO aspects from our in-house SEO team.

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        Highly Functional Website

      • Optimised For Loading Speed

      • Beautiful & Engaging Design

      • magnifying-glass

        Key SEO Aspects

      • Robust Conversion Tracking

    • Custom WordPress Website Design

      From $5k AUD

      This encompasses WordPress websites for large businesses and eCommerce businesses. We are experienced in catering to the unique requirements of a large variety of businesses. This package often ties in with some of our other offerings including Digital StrategySEO, and Google Ads. Our team is invested in getting you the most you can out of your website.

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        Highly Functional Website

      • Optimised For Loading Speed

      • Beautiful & Engaging Design

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        Key SEO Aspects

      • Robust Conversion Tracking

      • Brief Digital Strategy Planning

      • A Large Range of Custom Opportunities

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    • areas we service

    • Located in Brisbane, Australia these are some of the areas we service:

      • Brisbane
      • Melbourne
      • Sydney
      • Perth
      • Sunshine Coast
      • Gold Coast
      • Adelaide
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    • Our Approach

      The reason we do website design the way we do and are focused on getting you the most out of your website.

      Whether you’re talking about an eCommerce or a standard brochure style of website, the crying shame is that web development and web design has fragmented over and over again . That’s totally understandable, Web design is a new profession that has arisen over the last twenty years, it has fragmented into a range of groups:

      • Specialists in design
      • Specialists in back-end programming
      • Specialists in front-end programming

      As well as the main groups you’ve got specialists in PHP, Python, Java and all these different languages and everything’s fragmented up. One of the great things about the way that some of the community evolution is going, is that people are looking at the front-enThey can be absolutely as funkyd in particular and saying well it doesn’t really matter what’s in the backend, it doesn’t.

      What we’re really interested in is what are we going to show and what we are going to deliver to people on the front end. What are we really going to give to people and let’s pay attention to what people really want. Now that might seem simple, creating your website to show the information that people want to see but unfortunately, it’s often not the core focus for web designers. Being a Digital Marketing agency we know the importance of your website and how it is designed, you need to be thinking about what people need to see and do on your website and get them there as fast as possible.

      Designing For The Users

      Now it could well be that you are a very simple kind of business offering a professional service, let’s say to keep things simple, you’re an accountant and what you want to do is provide accountancy services just in general terms, offering small businesses and maybe some individuals tax, tax returns and company base returns. You want to provide that as a service, well great good on you, what we need to do is work out what your customers really want, we need to look at the keywords for your business. As an SEO company, we can look at the keywords for you and we can identify what it is that people really want. When I sit face to face with people and I talk to them about it, I often put my left hand in the air and I put my fingers up splayed and I say well these are the individual keywords people are looking for and if your website is organised correctly then the potential customers searching for your services will find your website and the correct page with the correct information.

      Now maybe the website at the moment doesn’t address what people really want and in that case, the potential customers might find your website and not see what they are looking for. Now isn’t that a shame because all we’ve got to do is pay attention to what your customers want and get those to line up and mesh together. Thats what they want and what you get is a completely aligned website, now Google gives us this data, you can easily look it up in Google Ads. It’s a wonderful thing, you can find out this data and you can basically go through and analyse and see what people are searching for. You have to think about the intent behind the keywords. What are people typing in and what is the challenge that’s in their head? If you think about somebody looking for an accountant in Brisbane, it’s reasonably hard to actually say what their intent is. If they’re looking for a tax account in Brisbane you know that they need to do their tax and you can understand their intent a bit more clearly, longer keywords are actually a bit better in terms of understanding what they’re after, even better is that longer keywords are easier to rank for.

      Building Your Website With Keywords

      What we do is take the medium length keywords and understand what it is that people are searching for and get some information about the volume of people searching and the relative strength of that volume. For example, we can tell you that people looking for auditors is a lower number than people looking for tax accountants. But if you’re an auditor you ought to be trying to rank for auditor. Why am I talking about this on a web design page because this is the fundamental heart of what a great website does, it meets and fulfills the tasks and needs of your customers.

      I’ve definitely been in meetings where I’ve heard clients say to me, yeah, but we want to have a slider and we want to have this and we want to have that bell and those whistles. Well, do you know what? That’s brilliant but I’m here to listen to you as my customer and I want to help you get the very best result as my customer. The best way I can do that is not necessarily to listen to you and that sounds very weird and it actually puts us out the door sometimes but that’s part of what being Matter Solutions is all about. We want to build you websites that matter, we want to listen to your customers and if we have to sit in a meeting and advocate for your customers then we will because we can get data, SEO skills gives us the data so we can talk to you about your customers. Whereas you are our client and we’ve got to listen to you, yeah, but we’re advocating for your clients and we want you to listen to them and we can really help you do that by designing the website your customers want to see.

      The Process Behind Website Design

      They can be absolutely as funky as you like but in general terms, there are some great rules that come from the experts in the field like Gerry McGovern and Jakob Nielsen. If there’s a convention use it, general convention in say Australia, where we are, is that the logo should be top left, sometimes in the center but the phone number should be top right, if you’re going to put your phone number on every page, put it up in the top right. People literally go looking for the phone number there because they’re used to it, if they want to find the contact link, put it in the top right as well, keep the menu up at the top. I remember years ago we used to build websites and the menu would be here, there and everywhere. No, let’s follow the convention, let’s not get people confused and puzzled.

      You’ll find us as a web design company, we listen to you as a customer, we want to know all about your business, we want to know how that translates into what your website needs to show. Knowing which products and services you want to deliver and then bring that back and marry it up with what we see in the data of what your customers need and want. We can help you get what you need and ideally what you want but if what you want is going to get in the way of what you need, we can be there to help you and guide you. We want you to be really successful because ultimately we know that if we create a great website that can convert then you’ll have faith in it and you’ll put us to work in terms of getting marketing underway. Getting search traffic, advertising and content marketing underway and get that website to be busy. Then when you fit this wonderful recipe for a website together you meet these tasks and fulfill the needs of your customers.

      Website Design Powers Digital Marketing

      Investing and getting traffic to that website is extremely rewarding and that’s what we’ve been doing for customers since April 2000, the core services we provide, we build websites but we plan them. If you break down how we build websites, I can go through a process and we can explain how we break it all down but really all stems from what we call the kickoff meeting. Even then we take it back to the pre-meeting, before you even engage us to build a site, we’re interested in what your strategy is and what you’re trying to achieve. We find out from the very start who your customers are and what you want to sell to them, we want to look at that structure of what you’re trying to offer. Before we engage with a client, we want to know what you plan to do, now we’re not necessarily going to go into the full depth of the research and the plans that we put in place. What we would want to do is have a good idea of how large that goal is, how much work is in there and we’ll give you an estimate for the website and we’ll put a proposal together for you.

    • Our Process

      The steps we go through to get your new website live and ensuring it’s a success.

      1. The Sign Off

        We would tell you usually in that first meeting or shortly after the first meeting, what we think it would cost to build your website so you can decide if it’s for you. Then we put together a proposal and you can decide okay, yeah that is it, I want to build that website. Well great, let’s build you that website then you engage with us, pay the deposit, you come and have a meeting with us and what we do is we take you through that the whole process I’ve described above. We take you through that process so that we understand, our designer understands and the strategist who’s working with you on it they understand too often that would be me (I’m Ben).

      2. Initial Planning

        We take you through this whole situation where we get to grips with your website and what your customers are and who they’re looking for and we use that as a brief to brief up the copywriters and we actually bring this whole structure together and we get underway with the design. Now the research really informs what the designer needs to do and in terms of understanding the relative value of the components inside your website means that we can design each of the. This includes the home page, some idea of the components in the website, the navigation, the structure in which to flow around the website.

      3. Data Gathering For Design

        We use our skills as Google Ads experts and to sort the high-pressure traffic that comes into the website and how that interacts. SEO traffic is more low pressure but they need to get through and they need to find information and also the robots as the Google bot comes in and navigates around your website, you don’t want to have lots of extraneous pages that just add to the burden of Google having to index you. What you really want to do is have those pages collapse down into one really interesting page that is the definitive source that answers one or two of your niches main topics together. Making sure it’s really well designed and that content is broken up so it’s easy to digest, in that way often you can get people to read probably more than they were really expecting to but it’s interesting to them because you’re presenting it well and you’re writing it well.

      4. Begin Design Process

        We get you to sign off on the components, we will get more into that but our full design process is not the same as most other agencies, there are some very efficient ways of working, we design very much a lot of our components in the browser you can see how they work on the desktop and in a mobile just so it is easy to review. We areinterested in working your feedback in and working with you to get the content together.

      5. Content Entry

        We have copywriting as another service we provide where we write all the content for you and if you want, our strategist can run through that with you and help you do that, effectively it can be a very kind of hands-off service apart from the fact that we want your input and your sign-off as we make progress.

      6. Review & Delivery

        At multiple stages we will get you to review the site and implement changes. Once we have a final design we will get you to do one final review and finalise the site ready for delivery.

      7. Website Go-Live

        Our Go-Live process is very different to other agencies. We use the team we have to create the best chance for your website, our SEO team will perform an SEO Go-Live checklist to make sure your website meets all the standards and requirements. Our web team will perform their own checklist making sure everything is ready to push the site live. Our team will then push your site live either on your existing hosting or on new hosting but we’ll liase with you since it’s different for each client.

    • I hope this page was helpful, we are very much keen to talk to businesses that want to get their website right and get their digital marketing on the right track. If you have any questions even if it’s a very simple, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line, I’m Ben, and I’m the director here and we would very much love to hear from you.

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