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Hosting a Website & Tips for Beginners

For the uninitiated website hosting can seem quite daunting and scary. So here are some of the basic ideas around web hosting. Hopefully it answers some of the questions that you have in relation to website hosting.

If you prefer to consume this content through video format, Jackson one of our digital marketing consultants covers much of the points raised in this post here:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the first step that you take when are looking to get a website on the internet. There is businesses that are web hosting providers and they basically offer you a server that you can host your website on. The server acts as a way to store all of the memory and the content of what your website encompasses

Setting up a server system yourself is quite a technical and difficult process. It is much easier and is not that expensive to pay a professional to do it for you.

Do I need to have a technical understanding?

The short answer is no. You pay a web hosting provider to do all of the technical aspects for you. You just need to ensure to pay your bills on time and that you give them all the information that they require. Like anything however, it does help to have some sort of an understanding but a technical understanding is not required.

Why is it Important?

Web server hosting providers usually offer you two main options for where your website will be stored on.

The two servers are: shared servers and dedicated servers. Regardless of if you choose shared or dedicated hosting the actual quality of that hosting is extremely important. Good hosting is like buying land, but on the internet. If you buy a house on poor quality soil, the value of that house is not going to be as great as it could be. As far as hosting is concerned, if you buy good hosting than your website will perform better. The website will be faster, more secure and encounter less downtime. This is because the quality of the hosting is much higher.


If you choose high quality hosting, it means your user experience is going to be better, resulting in an improved bounce rate. Your bounce rate is how quickly people will click on and click off your website.

We hope you have learnt something about web hosting, if you are still unsure on where to host, please do not hesitate to check out our succinct, to the point guide on selecting the best host for your site.

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