Social Media Tips

Social Media is the most underrated marketing platform available to business owners. Getting in front of people and gain their attention while they are relaxed is incredibly valuable.

  • Social Media in 2020, what you can expect.

    Social media has emerged in the back end of this decade as a serious player in the marketplace. Marketers are now aware of the growing necessity of having a strong social media strategy. This growth is only going to gain momentum and so it is prudent to observe and predict what the future holds for…

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  • How to give access to a Facebook page

    There may come a time for when you need to give access of your Facebook page to another user. I don’t know why, maybe you hired a social media manager? Or you have a “friend that knows how to do Facebook stuff” perhaps. In any event, this process should help you out. Security Warning Do…

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  • How to make a viral campaign

    Every marketer aims to have a campaign that goes viral. After all, it gains huge exposure for the marketer and their brand. But the question is, how exactly do you make a campaign go viral? There are several steps you can follow to ensure your campaign will get the attention it deserves. Know who you’re…

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  • How to use Twitter Analytics

    Using Twitter for your business? You need to be thinking about more than what content you’re posting. If you’re wanting to know if you’re getting the most out of Twitter, you need to be thinking about your performance. The best way to know if your campaign is on track is by analysing data. Fortunately, Twitter…

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