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Google Ads Trends in 2019 – Things to do now!

Today we are going to speak about YouTube lead ads, crossed vice tracking and the rise of voice search.

    • Google ads is always moving forward, and with proper integration it is a powerful digital marketing tool.

      It can boost your content marketing, lead generation, website conversions, and more. But that asks the question, what’s coming up in the future with Google Ads? Well read on as we discuss long tail keywords, how to create ads for voice search, and the exciting times ahead for YouTube lead ads.

      Our AdWords team leader has addressed many of these points in this video if you prefer to consume this content through an audio-visual medium:

      Today we are going to speak about YouTube lead ads, crossed vice tracking and the rise of voice search. But first we need to address the recent release of stats by google that state that mobile is now where you are getting the majority of your traffic.

    • Mobile Search is the new player in town

      With google letting us know that more than 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices, you really do need to optimise your landing pages and your ads to make sure that they give the best experience while on a handheld device.

      It’s also good practice to remember that everyone now has a device that has voice search capabilities. Essentially this means you must optimise your keywords to be longer tail and have a more conversational style and tone. This may include things such as saying: ‘how to’, ‘near me’, ‘where’ and ‘when’.

      When planning your keywords just imagine yourself asking someone on the street for your product or service. With that in mind, it’s excellent that Google has recently brought out cross device tracking.

    • What is cross device tracking?

      Imagine this, you are trying to target someone that has spent $500 in your store in the last 3 months. Cross device tracking means that you are now able to target someone who has bought $300 worth on their mobile device and $300 on the desktop. Before cross device tracking, you would’ve seen those two $300 purchases as being separate sections. Cross device tracking is a massive step forward for the field of audience targeting.

    • YouTube Leads The Way! Sort of?

      Finally, we are going to discuss YouTube lead ads. These could be the most exciting. What it means is that when you are on YouTube, you are going to be able to collect people’s data without them needing to come to your website. Initially you may think this sounds a little dodgy or sketchy but in reality it’s honestly not. You may have already heard about lead ads, Facebook has had them for quite awhile, but YouTube is beginning to roll them out now. One of the reasons we are so excited about YouTube lead ads is because of its immense potential.

    • Let us Help!

      2019 is going to be an awesome year for google, and of course for Google Ad specialists. Google Ads is a tricky topic at the best of times, so if you are a business owner and you want to take your Google marketing to the next level, be sure to get in contact with Matter Solutions, where one of our Google Ads industry veterans will cater a campaign specific to your needs. Just sit back and watch the fruits of your decision roll in!

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