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Three Hardest Challenges of Digital Marketing in 2018

We’ve gone away and done the research. Here are the three biggest challenges you’ll encounter in digital marketing.

Our SEO team leader has addressed many of these points in this video if you prefer to consume this content through an audio-visual medium:

1. Time

Digital Marketing is a robust field with multiple different avenues you can go down and explore. Between SEO, Google Ads, Website Updates and Social Media you can easily find yourself time-poor. It’s easy to push too far down one avenue, doubling down on your efforts sometimes to no avail.

It’s about discovering where you can find your win and becoming a master at that

What we would recommend is looking at your business, and looking at where your customers are viewing content. Does your target market use google search, do they use social media? You need to find out where the best place to spend your time is and this is all about understanding which portal is most relevant to your company. If you are a personal trainer for instance, you may find more value in a platform like Instagram than you would by focussing your efforts on improving your position in the Google search.

If as a business owner you find yourself spending copious amounts of time updating your website, social media, running ad campaigns and fixing your SEO than you may need to ask yourself if you would benefit from hiring an agency. This allows you to do what you best, and they will do what they do best.

The main qualm raised with this is that the agency won’t know your business as well as you do. This is a fair point, which is why at Matter Solutions, we make it our business to know your business. We want to know exactly what your goals are and how we can help facilitate you to achieve those goals. Matter Solutions is a full service agency so we have experts at Google Ads, SEO, web design and social media all at your disposal for an industry competitive rate with industry standard results. We will help you figure out what is working and actively adjust your budget allocation to create the most powerful campaign for your money.

2. Quality Content

If you are properly focussing on your social media and your website than you will be running a conveyor belt of quality content. You will be seeing your competitors doing this. If they are using an agency they are able to be pushing this across multiple channels at once. If you are relying on yourself than you will find this difficult. The time demand of constantly producing quality content that people will engage with and enjoy is very strenuous.

What we are seeing with social media and Google is that there is a huge amount of noise. People are posting their content everywhere and most of it is irrelevant. People aren’t searching for it, people don’t want to see it. If you don’t know what people want to see; the keywords people are searching for, what sort of content people are engaging in, than how are you meant to create high quality content?

3. Limited Budget


If you are doing advertising and you’ve got a small budget, that is fine. You just have to make sure that budget goes a long way. If you are investing $500 a month you need to be seeing returns and conversions. If you are not than you are doing something wrong because you definitely should be. Most keywords do have a positive return if you are investing wiseley. You just need to ensure that you are investing wisely


The second facet of a limited budget is that you are paying an agency. There maybe ongoing SEO and it can be frustrating if you are not seeing a return. Something that is worth understanding and something that hopefully your agency explained before you began using their service is that SEO is a long term goal. If you have a small budget than you probably should not be investing in SEO. We would recommend you use that budget more for advertising, hopefully seeing constant returns before scaling up to the point of running an SEO campaign.

Here at Matter Solutions, we don’t guess. We know what’s going to work for your business, we will know your budget and we will give you the best recommendations around your budget based on what we will see returns on. If we don’t think SEO is going to work for you, we will tell you that SEO is not going to work for you. Matter Solutions is a veteran in the digital marketing field and we have survived by consistently delivering great results.

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