General Business Tips

We provide some general business advice to help you get off the ground, this includes things like general practices, improving efficiency and organisational aspects.

  • How to write an engaging blog post

    Writing an engaging blog post that goes viral is the holy grail of the online world. It is VERY difficult to do. There have been a number of different programs developed that aim to serve the purpose of making blogs more engaging, like Yoast. Whilst Yoast is aimed at optimising blogs for SEO, the purpose…

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  • Questions for Agency Google Ads Managers, Get To Know Your Clients Better

    Do you work in the Google Ads/PPC market and want to refine the process you should carry out for each client? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solutions for you. Your client has come to you for expert advice on Google Ads/PPC. Many people forget one of the early steps, possibly because it is not Google…

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  • The Must Have Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Efficiency

    Wanting to improve your work efficiency and productivity? Like most things these days, Google Chrome has an app for that. Or a series of apps, if you’re looking to be really efficient. These are the best apps for you to install if you’re wanting to increase your productivity levels: StayFocusd Always getting distracted by external…

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  • The Best Online Digital Marketing Training Courses

    There once was a day where training and certification was left to the universities, colleges and schools or the world. Nowadays, in the golden age of digital, you can obtain industry recognised certifications without leaving the comfort of your couch. Don’t mistaken them for being a walk in the park, some will really test you…

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  • SEO vs PPC – Which One Is Right For You?

    Not sure whether your business should be focusing more of your efforts into SEO or PPC? It’s not quite as easy as asking which one is better than the other. Which one you need to invest more in will depend on the individual situation and what your digital marketing strategy is. What goals you’re wanting…

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  • How To Respond To Negative Reviews

    It happens to every business. Eventually, someone will be displeased with your product or service, and leave a negative online review. It can be disappointing when this happens, and it’s easy to feel upset, particularly if the review is angry or you believe it to be unfair. However, when responding to negative reviews, you have…

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  • How to survive boring and repetitive tasks

    All jobs have boring parts to them. They just do. If you are in any job that is reasonably technical like the I.T industry or accounting, chances are if you haven’t been employed for long, you will have been asked to do one of the jobs that are long and boring. I have these jobs…

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  • The different methods of displaying data Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio (GDS) is an exceptionally useful tool for business owners or anyone who is regularly displaying or maintaining data. It can take a little adjusting too, so Matter Solutions is here to help with a simple beginners guide to the different methods of displaying data in Google Data Studio. So get GDS up…

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  • Google tools useful to both businesses and normal users.

    If you’re anything like us at Matter Solutions, you appreciate tools and platforms that are simple but ultimately, work well. Thankfully for all of us, Google does offer some valuable and useful tools that are free (mostly) and enable you to run most the aspects of your business or even life. The everyday tools The…

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