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Video Content is crucial to a strong Digital Marketing Strategy, over the past decade video has consumed the internet, and at this rate it won’t stop any time soon. Youtube has over 1 billion users, one-third of online activity is estimated to be video watching, 92% of mobile video viewers share the video after, and videos make customers 3x more likely to purchase and trust a product.


      From $1.5k-$2k AUD +GST

      1 Day Shoot & Edit
      You get the people you need to make the video in one location and we’ll do the rest! For example getting existing customers in your office/showroom and we record their testimonial then and there.


      Typically $2.5k AUD + GST

      1 Day shoot + 1 Day edit
      If you’d rather catch your customers in their natural environments, we can travel out on the road (either with you or without) and interview your clients where it’s convenient for them. Depending where in Brisbane they are located, and if scheduling allows, we can fit up to 8 video testimonials in.


      $Price On Application AUD

      You might have some other ideas for what you’d like to see from your testimonial videos. Want one longer compilation video rather than separate shorter ones? Or maybe you want this as well as individual testimonials? Just talk to us and we can craft a custom solution that suits your needs.


      $Price On Application AUD

      Maybe you don’t want to be on camera, that’s okay as well! We can create video content with nothing but a script and some imagination. We have a Motion Graphic Expert onboard to help create exactly what you’re after.

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    • Why video testimonials?

      The value of strong references from your customers is well known. Without too much effort, it is a simple and incredibly effective way of exposing the personal side of your business, and encouraging potential clients to connect before they’ve even done business with you.

      Strong testimonials from several customers can be the difference between a business that is seen as a “pretender” and one that is the “real deal”; somebody who has such a strong relationship with their customers that they are eager to publicly sing their praises.

      If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to emotionally engage with potential clients from the first time they hear about you, then you should think about Video Content.

    • Real people, connecting to real people.

      With a simple video strategy, you can:

      • Connect with your customers in an engaging, creative way
      • Drastically increase conversion rate and page dwell time (which is also great for your SEO!)
      • Inject a personal, human element to your website
      • Get Creative – explore your business’ creative mission. What do you stand for? What message do you want to send to the world?
      • Endless possibilities, multiple formats – Have you considered:
        • motion graphics/animation, education/informational videos, piece-to-camera, customer testimonials, viral video, video blogs, staff & office virtual tour…
      • Stand out from the competition – a lot of people are still to catch on to how great video can be in their web presence… so you can stay one step ahead.

      Get in touch to talk about how we can work together to get you some exciting web video today!

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    • Our Process

      The first step in our process is to understand your business, your goals, and your audience. This is the Pre-Production.

      We do this by working backwards through the Creative Brief. First, we talk about your goals for the video. Is this video designed to sell a product, tell a story of something great you’ve achieved, lift staff morale, or even simply add some flair to your site.

      So what are the steps to reach that goal, what type of video works best to reach this goal, what can we capture to really push the viewer, do we even need to film or can we instead use a Motion Graphic Animation to tell the story. These are all questions we work alongside you in order to understand exactly what you want.

      During the Creative Brief, we also collect all of your logos, and brand guidelines so that we can create high quality animated graphics for the project.

      Once we understand what you want, we put together a step by step plan to move from Pre-Production to Production to Post-Production, and finally to deliver the finished product to you. This thorough process in the early stages is how we know what to quote you, but more importantly it means that we are all on the same page in what we are striving to achieve.

    • Endless possibilities

      With video, it’s hard to set a price without having a conversation first, here at Matter Solutions, providing a Creative Brief about everything you’ve asked, and a quote alongside is free, but if you don’t have time and would prefer to pick a package, check below!

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