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Social media advertising can be much more powerful depending on your business and the demographics you are targeting. Find out how it can change your business.

    • Silver Facebook Ad Package

      From $500 AUD/Month

      • magnifying-glass

        Social Media Profile Analysis

      • Set Up By One Of Our Experts

      • Ad Campaign Build

      • adjustments

        Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

      • Monthly Report

    • Gold Facebook Ad Package

      From $600 AUD/Month

      • magnifying-glass

        Social Media Profile Analysis

      • Set Up By One Of Our Experts

      • Ad Campaign Build

      • Profile Build

      • Content Consultation

      • adjustments

        Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

      • Monthly Report

    • How do Facebook Ads work?

      This is how Facebook advertising works:

    • Demographic and interests of a user

      Example: A 30-year-old woman, living in Brisbane, that owns a dog

    • The relevance of the ad to a user

      Example: An ad for a premium line of pet care products

    • If users are engaging with your Facebook content

      Example: The user clicks on the ad and buys the pet care products

    • Why do we love it so much?

    • Addiction.

      We are addicts and don’t even realise it.
      When we tap on our social media apps and receive new information our brains release a chemical named dopamine (DOAP-uh-meen) and this is the reason why we keep coming back for more – because dopamine makes us feel good. So good in fact, a study by Huawei (in partnership with Decibel Research) found that the average Australian uses their phones 2.5 hours a day which equals 38 days a year!

    • What does this mean for businesses?

    • Amazing things

      Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, building a community of customers around your product, service or business. When used well, it can help you build an enormous audience of advocates who interact with your company and share what you offer to like-minded friends and colleagues. Even better – the cost is just a fraction of what you would pay for traditional advertising.

    • How does social media reach your customers?

    • Targeting

      So specific it’s almost scary.

      You have probably heard about how targeting on social media works but don’t really get it. That’s okay because here is the lowdown on it. For example, on Facebook, every time a user does something/anything, that information is used to build a profile on the user~little bit creepy but okay~Facebook uses that information to show the user something they may like.

    • Who can you target?


      • Age
      • Apart of a cat appreciation society
      • Browser
      • Credit card provider
      • Devices used
      • Ethnicity
      • Field of study
      • Gender
      • Has an avid interest in drone photography
      • Income
      • Industries
      • Interests
      • Job titles
      • Languages
      • Listened to a podcast on serial killers
      • Locations
      • Newly married couples
      • Operating system
      • People who just received a promotion
      • Relationship status
      • School
      • Sexual orientation
      • Users who have an anniversary coming up
      • Whether their connected to WiFi
    • …and the list goes on. No really, it goes on for a very long time but we think you’ve got the picture by now.

    • Get In Touch

    • When can you expect results?

      Week 1 
      In the first week of your campaign running, you should see new traffic

      Month 1
      Within the first month, you should start getting more leads

      Month 3-6
      You should be making more from your campaign than what you spend on it

    • How do we work?

      At Matter Solutions, we make social media campaigns that match your business objectives and reach the audience of your brand. In saying that, our process is simple and it involves you:


      If applicable, we analyse what already exists on Facebook for your business.


      We set up a Facebook page (either from scratch or edit existing) and Facebook Ad Account which we manage via our dedicated Facebook Business Manager


      We will build a brand new ad campaign using original or harvested content

      Optimise & Measure

      We will measure and tweak your campaign for optimal performance


      At the end of each month, you will receive a report that will include what we have done, a breakdown on how your campaign has performed and what we plan to do moving into the future

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