Coronavirus Business Action Plan – Use Your Website

Use your website to improve your business. Use forms, allow non-contact work, and more. If you have a WordPress Website we can help you make changes quickly and efficiently. If not, read on get some idea anyway.

    • Be Prepared

      Incidentally, this is the motto of the boy scouts and was Baden Powell’s gift to millions of young people

    • At Matter Solutions, we believe in the internet adding value for everyone and have been dedicated to helping businesses use the internet effectively for many years. Our 20 year anniversary is next month but instead of thinking about an event we’ve been considering how to help business owners handle the situation.

      I, Ben, started working from home 20 years ago. I’ve used Skype to work with offshore developers since 2003. I’ve managed remote teams and I’ve had an office in the city in Brisbane for many years to look after our clients. Since before the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak a Pandemic, Matter Solutions has been preparing our clients for such an eventuation, and we are here to assist them with their businesses in minimising the negative effects on people, customers and staff, and economic impact.

      There are many things my team and I can do to help. I’ve noted some down here and we’ll add to it over the next few days.

      At this critical time, we’re here to help businesses in the UK, Australia and USA improve their WordPress websites quickly and efficiently.

      NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars(AUD) but we’re happy to work with people in USD or GBP. We have clients all over the world.


      Whether you want to give away DIY information to people who have to be self-reliant during the coming period of Social Distancing, per #flattenthecurve, or offer services to people with “No Contact” options.

    • WordPress Website Forms

      If you have a WordPress website consider how something like this can reduce the need for person-to-person contact and still enable your business to function efficiently and effectively even your staff have to go on-site.

      1. A New Website Form Added. This can be done quickly and easily for around AUD$180-250 (USD115 or GBP90). An example of this sort of form can be seen on our contact page.
      2. An Advanced WordPress Website Form. If you want a form that asks lots of questions and those questions are conditional on inputs, we can do that.For example: If the website visitor says they want their aircon serviced, ticking a box, the form can then present new fields asking for the type system, split or ducted(?), and another field: the brand, and another: access details for minimising contact with the home-owner. Form fields can even be photo uploads, asking for an optional photograph or the access location. A form like this does costs more to create but so long as you’ve thought it through or are fairly sure what you want we can implement it for you for about AUD$250-500 (USD160-315 or GBP$125-250).If you need us to help you think it through then it can cost more, but this can add heaps of value for you and your customers when working together might seem impossible.
      3. Online Payment. If you’re a trade business and you usually swipe a payment card when your staff visit client premises, you can eliminate this need for personal contact with customers by either taking payment over the phone, connecting invoices to a payment system or where we can help would be with an online payment form. We can connect a simple form on your website to PayPal, Stripe or an existing payment provider like Braintree (part of PayPal) so you can accept card payments very easily. Online payment implementation varies depending on the ease of integration with your provider. PayPal/Braintree and Stripe are all very simple so the cost if AUD$300-500 (USD188-315 or GBP$150-250)
      4. Administrative Forms. You may have forms that you use internally with your staff or externally with clients, for example at Matter Solutions we capture details from new clients over Google Docs, this is a good option, but if you want the information structured into a form use Google Forms or we can help code a form for you. Ask us for details and pricing.
    • Adding Important Content To Your Website

      We consider service Webmaster Support. If you have critically important message that you need added to your website, this can be done in a few different ways.

      1. Adding Content. We’re here to help add content to your website letting your customers know that you’re open for business or have measures in place to provide products and services with “no-contact”.
      2. Articles and updates. We have writers to help you with sharing information about how you’re handling COVID-19.
      3. Converting your print campaigns into digital. We can convert printed flyers, information packs and leaflets into digital assets that can be added to your website, e.g. turned into landing pages for people clicking into your website from Google AdWords.
    • How to turn your business remote

      I have been around enough to know what works, and what does not work – we can consult with you on how you can use online services to run your business remotely. There are some people better placed than us to this, drop us a line if you want or you’re keen to take referrals, we’ll list you below when we update this page.

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