Our History

Matter Solutions was originally founded as a web design company in April 2000. In 2006 our founder emigrated with his family to Brisbane. These days we use data-driven techniques and website development fundamentals to ensure clients attain high-rankings in Google through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and profit generating Ad-Campaigns through Search Engine Advertising.

    • From The Director

      “I started Matter Solutions with the mission of getting the most out of the web for businesses. Over the years technologies have changed and improved but that mission is still at the heart of everything we do”

      Ben Maden MEng (Aero) MBA
      Director & Lead SEO
      Matter Solutions Pty Ltd


    1. 1984

      Ben learns how to write very simple procedural computer programs in BASIC on our BBC home computer, aged 8

    2. 1998

      Ben begins programming Macros in Microsoft Excel and graduates from Aeronautical Engineering (MEng)

    3. 1999

      Working for Merril Lynch Captial Services Ben learns HTML, Perl and PHP which enabled his team of 5 to automate tasks

    4. 2000

      Matter Solutions founded and three hugely successfully websites for Harrison & Co. were developed

    5. 2001

      In late 2001, after the events of the September 11 tragedy in the US, there was a massive downturn in the demand for websites. Client’s at the time were forced to cancel and Matter Solutions had no choice but to scale back to operating from Ben’s flat with a reduced number of staff located in London, on the Thames.

    6. 2003

      Master of Business Administration (MBA) obtained by Ben whilst continuing to work on a range of client projects

    7. 2004

      Internet Marketing Services extended to web development clients. Projects continue throughout the Uk and initiated in Australia

    8. 2006

      Matter Solutions Pty Ltd established in Australia! Existing UK clients service continues and Australian client base develops

    9. 2008

      Qualified Google Adwords Professional is awarded to Ben for Matter Solutions 4 years after Ben began working with AdWords.

    10. 2010

      The Matter Solutions team expands to include dedicated SEO & SEM teams

    11. 2012

      Bursting at the seams, Matter Solutions moves close to Brisbane CBD to fulfil the demand for training and high-level inbound clients

    12. 2013

      The growth spurt continues and the teams finds a larger space in South Bank. Regular training and client interaction made easy!

    13. 2016

      To make way for a huge building development project, our office moves again to our current location: Fortitude Valley, Queensland

    14. 2019

      Moved to the CBD working from a shared office with team members working from home regularly. Lots of flexible hours, investments in WordPress theme technology well underway.

    15. 2020

      Team working remotely with a virtual footprint at the former CBD shared-office. Focus on harnessing the cutting edge WordPress theme tech we’ve built to build super-fast WP websites, fast in terms of fast-to-market, and high-performance for their visitors.

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